Mental Health Training

Standard Mental Health First Aid

Become a Mental Health First Aid Officer.
2-day face to face (online option also available)

Mental health first aid is the help you give to someone developing a mental health problem, experiencing a worsening of a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. You can give this first aid until the person has received appropriate professional treatment or the crisis is resolved.

Mental Health First Aid skills based, early-intervention training programs mobilise and empower communities by equipping people with the knowledge and confidence to recognise, connect and respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis.

Anyone can have a conversation that may save a life. Everyone should know how.

Jules is a Master Principles Mental Health First Aid Instructor, with over 13 years of experience in delivering to a variety of audiences. She takes a difficult and uncomfortable topic and over 2 days, builds conversational confidence in her participants to increase their support to others managing mental illness. From a professional development perspective, this is the best takeaway as the skills learned can be utilized with family and friends.

Short Courses in Mental Health

Short course options (1-6 hours) to suit busy people of this world.

Short course available face to face or online

  • Understanding mental illness types, prevalence and boosting our conversation confidence
  • strategies and tools to assist self and others in managing mental challenges and staying well.
  • Anxiety and or other mental illnesses, and the Impacts on learning
  • Self-care- Managing yourself mentally in demanding job roles.
  • Community best practice and the development of Jules’s journey in Founding the Art of The Minds Festival
  • Dual Disability and considerations in supporting the whole person.
  • Autism Spectrum disorder and managing mental illness.
  • Practically embracing mental health as we age
  • Crisis responses to suicide and non-suicidal self-injury NSSI


Jules has the most incredible capacity to engage an audience on the topic of Mental Illness. I completed the Accredited Metal Health First Aid course to improve my ability to support my team and clients with greater confidence. After the course I came away with a greater knowledge and understanding of how to support those around me when they need it most. Jules’ presentation draws on her lived experience and brings humour and sensitivity to her teaching, making learning about a challenging topic, and then applying it in real world scenario’s relatable and less confronting than it might otherwise be. Now our whole team completes the Accredited Mental Health First Aid course, and it is part of our ongoing professional development schedule.

Thanks for all you do Jules, our community and those you share your time and knowledge with are all the better for it.

Mareike Crawford
Chief Operations Officer – Occupational Therapist
Bachelor Health Science (Occupational Therapy), AICGG

Jules was incredible, her breadth of knowledge partnered with her lived experience made her a fantastic Instructor. She was relatable, down to earth, and explained everything in a very creative, sympathetic, and educational manner.

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