Have you ever noticed how children dance a natural beauty in play, that is often stifled by grownups in their sensible, and expectant status of the “Time to grow up stage”?

I think we have all experienced that edge of being a crazy, wild, mad young person, only to be told, it’s time to grow up and act like an adult. Well how boring is that!  

 My personal experiences in both my employment, adult dinner parties , community events and to all my life in general , is that the really stagnant people are the grownups , who have thought that being an adult  means you can’t giggle like children, who often  giggle at the most insane things!

I can confidently say, just as the influential Ghandi previously expressed, is that, if I didn’t have a sense of humour in my recovery from mental illness, I would have killed myself years ago!

One of the best treasures in my mind toolbox that life has taught me, in the barrage of jewelled lessons, is to giggle, and to find the gigglers wherever I go.

When I reflect on every valuable never to forget me not, four leaf clover memory of my life, it is where the mind well of joyous emotions, are bubbling in a fountain of pure heart and mind laughter.

 But these remarkable emotion-based memories, have not just happened alone. They have attached themselves to carefree, don’t take life to serious people. In my world, who are these people? These people are true leaders of sanity in an often, insane world!

I can recall mountains of layered experiences where nutsy fun people have walked the plank of laughter, in some of the most snob filled environments, where the end result of their laughter risk fishing, has seen them lure even the most stagnant fish faced personalities into their giggle pool.

Catriona Marcus you know who you are!  Mark ‘Max’ Butcher take a bow with me, your ‘Milly” at your side!

How wonderful, that the long and the short of my inner child play peeps presence, is laughter and light shining in my world.

So why do we not shake this gaiety of life, with a twist of belly aching laughter, into the workplace cocktail?

 Or do you?

Many times, as a working professional, I have witnessed firsthand, a beautiful levelling of people, and bridging connections, beyond what any policy and procedure can punch out in a work environment.

And why is it that laughter is needed at work?

Because kind laughter levels and lures adults to the same level. The same playground we all began in. The same carefree, giggle and burp experiences, where kind laughter is the perfect formula for respect and prosperity in any culture. Laughter where there is a swing of hope, a ladder of love, a spinning tyre of kindness, and a hum of a merry go round, where nothing in that spin really matters, as we are all blurred together in a play work zone of happiness.

So, I suggest YOU play like YOU use too, and not let life be so serious in your diary of daily living.

After all, YOU are the author of how you see the world, and YOU can fire or hire YOUR actors anytime you like in YOUR laughter script!

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