Early Childhood Education

Chirpee’s Choice ( The Anxious Bird ) was a book written by Jules for preschoolers and early school starters.
The book Chirpee’s Choice has been adapted into an interactive play that runs for approximately 30 minutes. This is suitable for both early primary school Children and kindergartens.

We encourage parents and family to come along and join in the adventures as Chirpee and his friends learn how to manage their worries.

Post the show the children can meet Chirpee and Queen Cassie, who teaches Chirpee the important first lesson in managing worries.  Books will also be available for sale, and you can meet the author herself, Jules!
This session also aligns with safety protection education for young children.

Jules has available a teacher’s guide in following up classroom discussion and activities after the show.

Contact Jules to organise a session, as we all creatively teach children to manage anxiety.

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